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Friends of Ruby Skye P.I.

22 Oct

Most of the official @RubySkyePI tweeting has been done by the phenomenal Dorice Tepley with support from Kerry, Karen and I.  All of us have felt amazing support from the Twitter community.  Today being Follow Friday, we want to say thanks to some of our wonderful Twitter fans.  You’ve made these last weeks and months so much easier!

Angus Swantee: @angusswantee; Judith Klassen: @judecast; Ruffus The Dog: @ruffusthedog; Canadian Film Centre: @cfccreates: Nora, Dan, Carma: @sparkcbc; Suzi Shelton: @SuziShelton; Margot Leblanc: @margotleblanc; Stephanie Law: @sphinxmagic; Caroline Godin: @carolinegodin; Billi Dee Knight: @billiknight; Jenn Schachter: @jennschac;
Emily Schooley: @the_emi;
Richard Baldwin: @songteller;
Sharon: @creehawk;
Kelly Lynne Ashton: @klashton27;
Nathan Estabrooks: @skoorbatse;
Ian Yorski: @IanYorski;
Suzanne Keppler: @srk_to;
GopherX.net: @GopherXdotnet;
Bianca Filoteo: @biancafiloteo;
Henrietta Walmark: @ettagirl;
Emme Rogers: @EmmeRogers;
Garner Haines; @garnerhaines; Chubby Kay: @ChubbyKay; Jesse Abundis: @jessenovels; Christopher Bolton: @billybuck; Elize Morgan: @elizemorgan; Jennica Harper: @jennicaharper; Micah J. Reid: @mjreid;  KrysstaKM: @KrysstaKM; Lindsay Stewart: @lindsaymstewart;Marilyn Thomas: @MonkeyMarilyn; Robbo Mills: @RobboMills; Scott Albert: @ScottAlbert; Brandon Laraby: @BCLaraby; The Shorts Report: @shortsreport; Andrew Williamson: @OffIslandFilms; Shawnee Rockett: @ShawneeRockett; David Clive: @_creeboy; Mary Henricksen: @garryoakgirl; Stitch Media: @stitchmedia; Shawn Rockett: @ShawnRockett; Shaw Rocket Fund: @RocketFund; Erica Landrock: @ericalandrock; Lucia Mancuso: @lulula; Jessica Frey: @WGCFrey; Courtney Wolfson: @CourtneyWord; Laura Brodie: @laubrodie; Ross McKie: @rossmckie; Fraser Mills: @filmarmy; Katherine Fletcher: @kathfletcher; Michael Dolan: @EvilPRGuy; Shane Lindley: @ImaginaryEric; Gail Renard: @GailRenard; Liz Hover: @LizHover; Chris Bucci: @cbucci_bookman; Will Dixon: @wcdixon


Ruby at IN 10

13 Sep

On Tuesday September 14, I’ll be presenting a little case study on the project at IN10.  The presentation will be part of the Case Camp Mini in the Sky Room at 9 a.m.  Also on the Case Camp bill are Eli Singer of Entrinsic and Roger Garcia, Digital Marketing Manager at Scotiabank.  And of course, Interactive Exchange 2010 schedule is full of great speakers and topics.

This will be my first opportunity to talk about Ruby Skye P.I. in public so I’m very excited to get a little feedback from the community.  I’ll talk about building a transmedia franchise from the ground up and our social media strategy for building audience.

If you’re there, come say hello.  There might be a brand new hot off the presses Ruby Skye P.I. button in it for you.

Teaser Launch

7 Sep

Shooting the trailerI had really wanted to release the teaser before we got into production.  Then I wanted to release it on Day 1 of production.  Karen Walton kept encouraging me to cool my jets.  She didn’t see the point in rushing it out and she was right.

We probably could have taken even more time to lay the social media groundwork before releasing the trailer, which is not to say it wasn’t a great launch.  It really was.

By the time we were ready to roll out the teaser, we had one week of production under our belt and people were beginning to follow the production blog.  Dorice Tepley was tweeting regularly from @rubyskyepi as was I, albeit infrequently.  Karen and Kerry were also working Twitter from their own accounts and several members of the cast and crew were supplementing the script with their own ad hoc tweets.

We were close to launching a Facebook page as well.  The only thing stopping us was the lack of an image to represent the project.  We hadn’t settled on a logo and we didn’t have exactly the right photo to represent the production.  But nonetheless, our online presence was growing.

Karen’s plan was a clever one.  Raise awareness and excitement about the teaser by talking about it online and offering a small number of previews by invitation only.  That meant that in addition to the team, there would be about 20 people who had had an advance look at the trailer and could talk/blog/tweet about it along with us at the moment of release.

And release was scheduled to the minute: 12 noon Eastern on Friday August 27, 2010.

Crew and some cast of Ruby Skye P.I.The day before we released the trailer, we had a screening for the crew.  That’s when we took our crew picture.  We immediately put the picture up on the web and used it as the profile picture when we launched our Facebook page that day.  The crew got in the fun, joining the fan page, spreading it and tagging themselves in the picture.  That was a great boost for us on Facebook, because each crew member was helping by promoting the page to their communities.

That carried through into the launch of the teaser.  Many crew members mentioned it or liked it on Facebook helping spread the word as did the 20 or so people who had had a sneak preview.  Karen, Dorice, Kerry, production manager Peter Harvey and I were all active through out launch day on Facebook, Twitter and the show blog, talking about the teaser and the upcoming launch.

At precisely noon, we saw a very significant spike in our traffic.  We had our best numbers so far on that day.  And our traffic has not yet fallen back to pre-launch numbers.

Executive Producer Karen Walton

17 Aug

From the camera of Ms Can-Do Jennifer Liao of Believerville Productions this terrific little film about our fearless leader, Karen Walton.

Twitter Taglines

17 Aug

The first of our behind the scenes videos, this one from the camera of the wonderful Jennifer Liao of Believerville Productions.


10 Aug

Wo0t! Brandon Laraby covered the Ruby Skye P.I. Producers Tweet Meet in his blog, A Tale of a Boy and his TV Show.

If you’d like to get a taste of what it’s like to get a real-deal professional Canadian webseries up and off the ground, super-cool folks (and friends) Karen Walton (@inkcanada) and WGC prez Jill Golick (@Jill380) are holding their production meetings online and interactive on Twitter every Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm ’till 5:30pm EST under the moniker @rubyskyepi.

We may change those times slightly, since we do have a production meeting during the tweet up on Thursday, but it is very cool to get covered by the blogosphere. Thanks Brandon!!

Three Days and Counting

10 Aug

The first day of principal photography is coming fast. Three days left of prep. I don’t have a single second in the day to write… or think. I don’t even know what I’m doing with my time but it is disappearing quickly. This morning, I made three trips to the bank before 10 am.

Can I tell you that there is a big difference between banks? I never realized it until recently. One of the banks I deal with is always incredibly difficult even though I have banked with them for a long time and have reasonably valuable holdings with them (for instance, my mortgage). The other bank is always cheerful and has a total “can do” attitude, even though I have several empty accounts with them. Based on my recent epiphany, this may change.

After the banking, I checked in on rehearsals. As a writer, story editor and creative producer, I’ve always seen a sharp border which I don’t like to cross. I’ve never talked to actors about scenes and characters — that’s not entirely true. As a story editor on a TV series, I have talked about some of those things with actors, not at rehearsals, but I’ve had actors come to my office to talk about their character and beg to have a scene changed. But mostly that is the director’s domain and I have tried not to trample on their territory. So, at a rehearsal I prefer to sit quietly and watch and listen. So imagine my surprise when director Kelly Harms not only wants me at rehearsals as much as possible, but wants me to discuss their characters with each actor.

I couldn’t spend a lot of time with the actors today, because I also had many things to talk to producer Kerry Young about…

I also had a long phone call to go over wire frames with Lucia Mancuso of The Blog Studio. What a web site we are going to have! Ambitious? I would say so. It is going to be just wonderful. I can’t wait.

I secured our final location. Yay. Went tech scouting with the crew. And spent a lot of time sending out emails inviting kids I know to be extras on the shoot.

We invented two extremely cool things today. The first was the Producers Meeting on Twitter. Kerry, Karen Walton and I barely have time to report to each other what we are each doing. So we decided to meet regularly on Twitter and share our meeting with the community at large. We have some kinks to work out of the process but people are interested in talking to us and we’re interested in sharing. Stay tuned for more @RubySkyePI Producers Tweet The Meets.

The second even cooler thing we came up with today involves our “backstage” shooting. We have involved quite a number of amazingly talented directors in the project, inviting them to shoot behind the scenes footage for our web site. Jennifer Liao has already spent a couple of days with us, shooting the cast read-thru, the tech scout, interviewing people and generally documenting pre-production. We should have some mini-docs from her soon to share with you.

Today, we started inviting some very young filmmakers to be part of this project. And when I say very young, I mean teenagers. We will have them on set, equip them with cameras and let them make films about the filming of Ruby Skye P.I.

So yeah, that’s what I did today.

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