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Friends of Ruby Skye P.I.

22 Oct

Most of the official @RubySkyePI tweeting has been done by the phenomenal Dorice Tepley with support from Kerry, Karen and I.  All of us have felt amazing support from the Twitter community.  Today being Follow Friday, we want to say thanks to some of our wonderful Twitter fans.  You’ve made these last weeks and months so much easier!

Angus Swantee: @angusswantee; Judith Klassen: @judecast; Ruffus The Dog: @ruffusthedog; Canadian Film Centre: @cfccreates: Nora, Dan, Carma: @sparkcbc; Suzi Shelton: @SuziShelton; Margot Leblanc: @margotleblanc; Stephanie Law: @sphinxmagic; Caroline Godin: @carolinegodin; Billi Dee Knight: @billiknight; Jenn Schachter: @jennschac;
Emily Schooley: @the_emi;
Richard Baldwin: @songteller;
Sharon: @creehawk;
Kelly Lynne Ashton: @klashton27;
Nathan Estabrooks: @skoorbatse;
Ian Yorski: @IanYorski;
Suzanne Keppler: @srk_to;
GopherX.net: @GopherXdotnet;
Bianca Filoteo: @biancafiloteo;
Henrietta Walmark: @ettagirl;
Emme Rogers: @EmmeRogers;
Garner Haines; @garnerhaines; Chubby Kay: @ChubbyKay; Jesse Abundis: @jessenovels; Christopher Bolton: @billybuck; Elize Morgan: @elizemorgan; Jennica Harper: @jennicaharper; Micah J. Reid: @mjreid;  KrysstaKM: @KrysstaKM; Lindsay Stewart: @lindsaymstewart;Marilyn Thomas: @MonkeyMarilyn; Robbo Mills: @RobboMills; Scott Albert: @ScottAlbert; Brandon Laraby: @BCLaraby; The Shorts Report: @shortsreport; Andrew Williamson: @OffIslandFilms; Shawnee Rockett: @ShawneeRockett; David Clive: @_creeboy; Mary Henricksen: @garryoakgirl; Stitch Media: @stitchmedia; Shawn Rockett: @ShawnRockett; Shaw Rocket Fund: @RocketFund; Erica Landrock: @ericalandrock; Lucia Mancuso: @lulula; Jessica Frey: @WGCFrey; Courtney Wolfson: @CourtneyWord; Laura Brodie: @laubrodie; Ross McKie: @rossmckie; Fraser Mills: @filmarmy; Katherine Fletcher: @kathfletcher; Michael Dolan: @EvilPRGuy; Shane Lindley: @ImaginaryEric; Gail Renard: @GailRenard; Liz Hover: @LizHover; Chris Bucci: @cbucci_bookman; Will Dixon: @wcdixon


Ban Plastic Water Bottles!

15 Oct

It’s Blog Action Day and this year’s theme is water.  Ruby Skye P.I. producer Kerry Young guest posts today explaining how we kept the crew hydrated through some of the hottest days of summer without creating a mountain of plastic water bottles!

This is the cry on the petition signed by many of the characters in Ruby Skye P.I. and the reason our set was a plastic water bottle free zone.

Starting at rehearsals and all through the shoot every member of our cast and crew was given a personal stainless steel water bottle and a marker and some tape with which they could make it their own.

Office Coffee Solutions donated a bottled water cooler and several giant bottles of water so that we could keep everyone hydrated and cool during the shoot. We took our water bottles and our cooler everywhere we went, even out into a park during one of the hottest days of the summer.

From Episode 6, scene 34 of Ruby Skye P.I.: The Spam Scam:

65 million water bottles end up in landfill every year.  Plus all the ones littering our rivers, lakes and forests.

Tap water is safe and delicious and there are all kinds of different and fun styles of reusable water bottles readily available these days. We at Ruby Skye P.I. encourage you to stop using plastic water bottles and help save our rivers, lakes, and forests!

To Do Lists

7 Oct

Big Chill Ruby rehearsalI’m sitting down to a huge to do list this morning.  Things have gotten kicked up a notch on the post, website and social media fronts.

I’ve seen cuts for six episodes.  ADR, spotting and mixing dates are on the calendar.  We’ve had to make some style decisions about the episodes that had us questioning the very values and concepts that brought us to this project.  I will talk more about those values in another post, but in the end, Kelly and Kerry and I have come back to the basic underpinnings of the project.  We still believe that kids are smart, that they want rich story environments and that you don’t have to trick them with visual effects and jolts per minute to get their attention.

Editing and post have been challenging, but ultimately satisfying and I like how things are turning out.

Our website design is done and so is most of the build.  We’re busy amassing content to populate it.  That’s a huge job.  Among other things, we’re putting together all the bios and photos of cast, crew and characters.  Early this afternoon, we’re deciding on official pictures for each of our characters – for the site and for promotional purposes.

Hailey and Ruby sister loveThen we roll right into a social media session where we’ll arc out our strategy for pre-launch, launch and roll out.

I have many deliverables for today.  First, I need to create a Flickr set which will feed into the new website.  Then I will go through the character descriptions that Julie drafted and do a quick pass so they are ready for upload as soon as we pick pictures.  I have to craft what Karen is calling a “Creator’s Statement” which is a sort of mission statement for the project.  Over the long weekend, I’ll grab Julie and we’ll write episodes synopses.  Oh yeah, and there’s ADR to write.

All this between looking at cuts and juggling other responsibilities.  It’s a lot, but it’s incredibly fun and gives me an excellent reason to swill coffee all day long.


9 Sep

Jude Klassen Jill GolickDid I happen to mention that Jude Klassen and Lindsay Stewart came by last week during shooting to record a Judecast with the Ruby Skye P.I. team. We had a ton of fun with her.

Jude does great hat.

Teaser Launch

7 Sep

Shooting the trailerI had really wanted to release the teaser before we got into production.  Then I wanted to release it on Day 1 of production.  Karen Walton kept encouraging me to cool my jets.  She didn’t see the point in rushing it out and she was right.

We probably could have taken even more time to lay the social media groundwork before releasing the trailer, which is not to say it wasn’t a great launch.  It really was.

By the time we were ready to roll out the teaser, we had one week of production under our belt and people were beginning to follow the production blog.  Dorice Tepley was tweeting regularly from @rubyskyepi as was I, albeit infrequently.  Karen and Kerry were also working Twitter from their own accounts and several members of the cast and crew were supplementing the script with their own ad hoc tweets.

We were close to launching a Facebook page as well.  The only thing stopping us was the lack of an image to represent the project.  We hadn’t settled on a logo and we didn’t have exactly the right photo to represent the production.  But nonetheless, our online presence was growing.

Karen’s plan was a clever one.  Raise awareness and excitement about the teaser by talking about it online and offering a small number of previews by invitation only.  That meant that in addition to the team, there would be about 20 people who had had an advance look at the trailer and could talk/blog/tweet about it along with us at the moment of release.

And release was scheduled to the minute: 12 noon Eastern on Friday August 27, 2010.

Crew and some cast of Ruby Skye P.I.The day before we released the trailer, we had a screening for the crew.  That’s when we took our crew picture.  We immediately put the picture up on the web and used it as the profile picture when we launched our Facebook page that day.  The crew got in the fun, joining the fan page, spreading it and tagging themselves in the picture.  That was a great boost for us on Facebook, because each crew member was helping by promoting the page to their communities.

That carried through into the launch of the teaser.  Many crew members mentioned it or liked it on Facebook helping spread the word as did the 20 or so people who had had a sneak preview.  Karen, Dorice, Kerry, production manager Peter Harvey and I were all active through out launch day on Facebook, Twitter and the show blog, talking about the teaser and the upcoming launch.

At precisely noon, we saw a very significant spike in our traffic.  We had our best numbers so far on that day.  And our traffic has not yet fallen back to pre-launch numbers.

Next Phase

7 Sep

Ruby Skye P.I. SlateIt’s wrap out day for just a few last members of the crew; things are getting returned and restored. But while one phase of the project is gearing down, the next is gearing up.
On the one hand, we have the moving pictures (video? film? what do you call it now?) part of the project to finish up; editing and post. On the other, there is a website to build and a launch to plan.
The technical and design aspects of the website are in the very competent hands of Lucia Mancuso, Jessica Law and the team at The Blog Studio. We have fantastic wire frames and now it’s time to put a little flesh on those bones.
Getting Ready to Shoot at The Big ChillWe are also building a ton of content for the site and that is in-house work. Lots of blog posts, character sketches, log lines and more have to be written. It’s a pretty huge job and we are starting right now.
Our teaser launch went extremely well. We learned a lot from the experience and will draw on those lessons in the lead up to the roll out of the episodes. Look for lots of activity on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and several other platforms. Your support in the form of posts, reTweets, links and forwards is very much appreciated and helps a Lot.
Relaxing outside The Big Chill between takesWe’re still riding the high of production, so expect to see lots more photos and discussions of the experience in this space and wherever else in the social web we can cram some content.
Don’t expect quiet from Ruby Skye P.I. any time soon.

Talking Transmedia with Rob Mills

2 Sep

RobboMills is a web creator and friend.  He was on set for a couple of days while his son Henry was playing a student at The Dragon Academy in Ruby Skye P.I.  While he was there Mark Achterberg shot a little film of us talking about Rob’s latest project, Rufus the Dog, transmedia and more.

About the Teaser

27 Aug

Hailey proclaims her innocenceOur first teaser, Ruby Skye P.I. and the Case of the Missing Brownies, was released today at noon Eastern.  It gives you a little insight into Ruby’s personality from her sister, Hailey’s point of view.  The accompanying website, Read My Sister’s Report Card, provides a peak into how her teacher’s see Ruby and what she’s like at school.

We wrote and shot the teaser before we had even cast Madison Cheeatow as Ruby.  But we did have her sister, Hailey, played by Marlee Maslove.  Hailey has a web series called Hailey Hacks, but until now, viewers and fans had no idea that she has a sister… or that they fight like cats and dogs.

The stormy sister relationship is an important part of The Spam Scam, the Ruby Skye P.I. mystery we are shooting now.

The report card was largely written by our wonderful friend Scott Albert of Gopher X, a.k.a Captain Euchre.  Not only does Scott write, produce and star in Tights and Fights, he doubles as our go-to-guy for a great joke for any situation.  He came up with most of the gags on Ruby’s report card.  We did a quick in house pass to “Rub-ify” the very funny material he sent us and then we assigned grades.

Props to our amazing and forward-thinking sponsor, The Dragon Academy, for providing the report card template.  The teacher’s names on Ruby’s report are NOT those of real teachers at The Dragon, but Dr. Meg Fox is indeed the principal.

More on the making of Ruby Skye P.I. and the Case of the Missing Brownies next week.  Over the weekend, be sure to bake up a batch of Ruby’s Roasted Marshmallow Brownies.

Ruby Skye P.I. Teaser

27 Aug

What does little sister, Hailey, have to say about Ruby?  Plenty.

Twitter Taglines

17 Aug

The first of our behind the scenes videos, this one from the camera of the wonderful Jennifer Liao of Believerville Productions.

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