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Marlee Maslove Plays Ruby’s Sister Hailey

21 Oct

Marlee umbrella laughingMarlee Maslove is no stranger to web series — or to playing Hailey.  Over the last two years, she’s shot ten episodes of Hailey Hacks, a web series that shows you cool things to do with your computer.

Marlee has spent a lot of time on stage. For the last four years, she has been a member of the Randolph Young Company.   Not only was she in musical theatre five productions with RYC, each show ran for more than a dozen performances, Hailey at mailboxwhich adds up to a lot of stage time.

She’s also been a featured extra in two TV series: Blue Murder and Metropia.

Marlee is 13 years old and is in grade 8 at an alternative school in downtown Toronto.


Lucky Number Three!!

19 Oct

Aidan CheeatowIt’s getting exciting.  Only six more sleeps until launch.  But around here, the fun never stops.  So we have something new for you to look at today: a brand new teaser entitled Life on the Set.

One of the things that makes this teaser especially awesome is that the director is Aidan Cheeatow.  Aidan is 14 and a film major at Claude Watson School for the Arts.  He is also the brother of Madison Cheeatow, who plays Ruby Skye.

When we heard that Madison’s brother was a young filmmaker, we invited him to set, gave him a camera and full access to cast and crew and forced him to make a little film.

Here it is.  We think it’s great.

Becoming Ruby

18 Oct

Madison Cheeatow as Ruby SkyeHow did Madison Cheeatow get the part as Ruby Skye?

She auditioned for the part along with about 25 other girls.

Far more 14 to 20 year old girls sent in resumes and in head shots when they heard we were casting. Some – including Madison and Elena Gorgevska who plays Diana –  were submitted by their agents.  Others saw our casting call at their local drama club, on Craig’s list or one of the casting sites like Mandy or Casting Workbook.

There were a lot of emails and lots of photos to look at and resumes to read.  When we were picking who to audition, we chose girls with some experience.  It didn’t have to be professional.  Training is good too – kids who’d taking acting classes or improv or who had been in school plays.Griffin and Ruby walking

Madison had done been in plays at school and at a community theatre.  She’s also done some modeling.

Her audition was terrific.  We could tell that she really understood Ruby.  She seemed very natural.

We watched the audition videos over a few times and knew she was Ruby Skye.  We called her agent and offered Madison the part.

Madison in a crowdEvery day when we look at her performance as we edit the chapters of The Spam Scam we know we made the right choice.

You’re going to like her too when you see her in Chapter 1: Animal Farm on Monday October 25.

Coming Soon!

17 Oct

Ruby look8 days until we launch Ruby Skye P.I.: The Spam Scam.

On Monday October 25, 2010 you’ll be able to watch Chapter 1: Animal Farm. We’ll release two video chapters each week for six weeks.

Like the chapters in a book, each chapter in The Spam Scam is a different length. Some are longer, some are shorter.

Goofy RubyBesides the video, they’ll be tons more fun on rubyskyepi.com. Pretty soon our new website will be up with tons more pictures and backstage information, plus Ruby’s blog, her latest theories and more.

8 days till Chapter 1, but lots of action between now and then. So keep tuned to this space.

Ban Plastic Water Bottles!

15 Oct

It’s Blog Action Day and this year’s theme is water.  Ruby Skye P.I. producer Kerry Young guest posts today explaining how we kept the crew hydrated through some of the hottest days of summer without creating a mountain of plastic water bottles!

This is the cry on the petition signed by many of the characters in Ruby Skye P.I. and the reason our set was a plastic water bottle free zone.

Starting at rehearsals and all through the shoot every member of our cast and crew was given a personal stainless steel water bottle and a marker and some tape with which they could make it their own.

Office Coffee Solutions donated a bottled water cooler and several giant bottles of water so that we could keep everyone hydrated and cool during the shoot. We took our water bottles and our cooler everywhere we went, even out into a park during one of the hottest days of the summer.

From Episode 6, scene 34 of Ruby Skye P.I.: The Spam Scam:

65 million water bottles end up in landfill every year.  Plus all the ones littering our rivers, lakes and forests.

Tap water is safe and delicious and there are all kinds of different and fun styles of reusable water bottles readily available these days. We at Ruby Skye P.I. encourage you to stop using plastic water bottles and help save our rivers, lakes, and forests!

Meet Diana Noughton

14 Oct

Diana Noughton, fourteen, is Ruby’s archenemy. Simpering sweet to adults, teachers and friends, Diana is simply horrible to Ruby. She finds any excuse to “accidentally” kick or trip Ruby and far, far worse. With other kids, Diana can be competitive and bossy, but with Ruby, she’s just plain evil.

Ruby is mystified by Diana’s hatred for her and it’s a mystery that Ruby intends to solve… some day.

An Unbiased Review

14 Oct

Skye SistersHere’s a guest post from Margie Golick PhD, clinical child psychologist, educational adviser to many children’s entertainment and educational properties including Sesame Park, Busy World of Richard Scary, Caillou and Mia Mouse.  Dr Golick is the author of several books including Deal Me In, Wacky Word Games and Reading, Writing and Rummy.

In the interests of full disclosure Jill Golick, executive producer, is my daughter (and Marlee Maslove who plays Hailey is my granddaughter). As a psychologist I have worked as a consultant on many children’s media projects on which Jill was a writer and always managed to put sentiment aside. The fact of the matter is  we both believe that children of all ages need to hear, read, and watch interesting stories. It keeps them cheerful and attentive, ignites their imagination, develops their vocabulary. I know — and the Ruby Skye team obviously know — that stories (and their characters) don’t have to be violent, slapstick, or kitschy to be interesting.

Ruby Skye P.I. What fun! I laughed out loud (just reading the scripts) and turned the pages as fast as I could to find out what happened to whom and why.

Ruby is a would-be detective out to solve the mysteries around her. And because she is curious, observant, and has a great imagination she finds lots of mysteries. There are heroes, villains (not too villainous) and red herrings. Every kind of relationship comes into play: siblings, friends, teacher/pupil, father/son, boy-girl, and story, story, story. New developments in every scene keep us guessing.

The main characters are Ruby, age 15, her little sister Hailey age 13, Ruby’s sometime sidekick, Griffin, and the snooty, malicious Diana (who seems to have her eye on Griffin). The dialogue is fast and funny. And the adventures take place in an urban neighborhood.

Snooty DianaThere is a crime, there are suspects galore, , there are modern day tools: computers, cell phones and a smart little sister who knows how to hack. But there is still the need for careful observation and good old-fashioned logic. Ruby Skye P.I. lets us in on the essentials of nailing a perpetrator: there has to be motivation, opportunity, means and some evidence.

Ruby and Haley are great role models for their tween age viewers. They are strong, opinionated girls, and though they do their share of bickering they seem to care genuinely about their neighbours, the environment and when it comes right down to the crunch, about each other.

Meet Hailey Skye

14 Oct

Hailey Skye ponders the matterHailey Skye  is Ruby’s 13-year old little sister and roommate. Whose insane idea was that?  Was it a cruel joke to force them to share a room?  Or their parents just have a sick sense of humour?

It doesn’t really matter to the girls…they hate it.   What their lives lack in privacy, they more than make up for in fighting.

Ruby & Hailey walkingThere are times when it seems like the Skye Sisters have nothing in common.  Hailey is Galinda to Ruby’s Elphaba.

Hailey is popular. Ruby is an outsider. Hailey is neat.  Ruby is messy.  Hailey is an A student. Ruby has more important things to think about. Hailey is a picky eater.  Ruby will try anything…once. Hailey loves Broadway show tunes. Ruby loves rock and roll.  Hailey loves shopping.  Ruby hates it.

Hailey at MailboxBut the sisters do have some things in common. They both are obsessive and stubborn.  It’s just that Ruby’s obsession is focused entirely on solving mysteries while Hailey spreads her obsessions around.  One week it’s musicals, the next it’s an environmental cause.  But just like Ruby, whatever Hailey does, she does it big.

Hailey is a computer genius and web wizard. She can find any piece of information that’s out there on the web, infiltrate any computer and basically bend technology to her will. You may know Hailey’s web series, Hailey Hacks.  Ruby may have to beg, bribe or blackmail Hailey, but somehow she always manages to get Hailey to do whatever computer work she needs done for her investigations.Sister Skye laugh and hug

Hailey can be a great ally for Ruby, but then she can turn around stab her in the back.  They have an explosive relationship, but when the sisters come together they are a powerhouse.

Hello Ruby

13 Oct

Ruby Skye shines a lightRuby Skye sees mystery wherever she looks.  And when Ruby is intrigued, watch out.  There’s no stopping her.

She’ll go through garbage, shadow a teacher, impersonate a librarian.  And if she’s really desperate, she’ll whip up a batch of her famous Roasted Marshmallow Brownies.Ruby and her Roasted Marshmallow Brownies

Ruby always has a plan.   It’s not always a good plan, but if she ends up in hot water, don’t worry.  Ruby’ll come up with a new plan.

Ruby is smart, but that doesn’t mean she does well in school  – have you read her report card?  A case can keep a girl up at night.  And who has time for homework when someone is stealing from your crazy neighbour?

Ruby Skye with bff Griffin LandeRuby’s bff is Griffin Lane.  She wishes he’d take more of an interest in her investigation.  He wishes she’d just stay out it.

Hailey wishes Ruby would stay out of her life but instead, Ruby’s little sister always get dragged into things.

Ruby’s arch enemy is Diana Noughton who hates Ruby for highly mysterious reasons.

Meet Ruby Skye

13 Oct

It’s Teaser 2: Meet Ruby Skye.

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