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Meet Griffin Lane

14 Oct

Griffin Lane headshotGriffin Lane is Ruby’s best friend, biggest fan and reluctant sidekick.

They’ve been inseparable since senior kindergarten.  Five-year-old Griffin was mystified because his chocolate chip granola bars were disappearing from his lunch bag every day.  Ruby solved the mystery for him.

First, she noticed that Griffin never took the time to zip closed the top of his Bob the Builder lunch bag before he threw it in his cubby at school.  Next she noticed that when he threw it in the cubby, it landed face down. Griffin Gary Ruby at the Big Chill Finally, she found a stash of a dozen granola bars wedged between Griffin’s cubby and the one next to it. As the two shared the feast, a friendship was born.

Griffin loves Lady Gaga, video games, mint chocolate chip at The Big Chill, playing soccer and hockey.  He’s not crazy about mystery and he hates it when Ruby drags him into an investigation.Griffin and Ruby investigating

Griffin is sensible and cautious.  He likes to think things through and consider the consequences before he does something.  But Ruby doesn’t give him time to think and there is no point talking to her once she has her mind set on things.

And speaking of talking, it’s not something Griffin does a whole lot of.  And when he gets angry?  He clams up entirely.Ruby and Griffin best friends

But he admires Ruby.  He thinks she’s smart and great company.  They’ve been hanging around together for so long that it’s just easy and comfortable.  Besides, Ruby always laughs at his jokes.

Griffin is incredibly loyal to Ruby.  He’ll back her 100% — even when he knows she’s wrong. Which –sadly — happens to be quite a lot of the time.Griffin and Ruby share a laugh


Big Day at the Big Chill

1 Sep

Crew and some cast of Ruby Skye P.I.To quote Sean Van Delft, “we have a big day”. It’s big in so many ways. We’ve been really looking forward to shooting at The Big Chill, the ice cream parlour at the corner of College and Manning. It is a beautiful location. The scenes are very important ones in the story (aren’t they all?) and very funny. We’re going to have lots of extras and many guests… not to mention ice cream from the Big Chill which everyone on the crew is looking forward to.

There are other things that make this day special. It is really our last big day of shooting. We have three days left including today, but by Thursday and Friday we’ll be shooting just smaller scenes. We won’t be working with such a big crew, we won’t have as many cast around.  So in some ways, today is the beginning of the end.

That is really sad.  It’s safe to say that everyone is having a great time.  Several members of the crew have mentioned to me how much they’ve enjoyed being on the project.  We’ve been a great team.  We get along, we work well together and we have been pretty low on the stress scale even on heat wave days like the last two.  All in all it has been a very happy set and when I call this the best crew on the planet, it is not an exaggeration at all.

Status of the Script

2 Aug

I’m getting better at video blogging… slowly. Oops, cut off the top of this one. Sorry.

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