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Elena Gorgevska Plays the Mean Girl

19 Oct

Elena GorgevskaElena Gorgevska has quite a bit of experience in front of the camera.

She’s been in short films, a TV movie and a feature. She’s been on sets much more than most of the other kids in Ruby Skye P.I. But she’s never played the part of a mean girl before!

Nasty Diana NoughtonElena plays Diana Noughton, who is very very mean to Ruby for highly mysterious reasons. In real life, Elena is sweet and nice. But on screen, she’s very nasty as Diana… which shows you what a good actress she is.


Meet Ruby Skye

13 Oct

It’s Teaser 2: Meet Ruby Skye.

A Date and Some Advice

8 Oct

Ruby Skye with LOGOOctober 2010 is a very special month.  Like all Octobers, it has two lovely events that are all about eating:  Canadian Thanksgiving which happens to be this very weekend and Halloween to end the month.  So October is always good.

But this year, October has a few extra noteworthy features.  This Sunday will be 10-10-10 – the tenth day of the tenth month of the tenth year of the 2000s.  That’s pretty cool.

Sunday the tenth is the second of October’s five Sundays.  It also has five Fridays and five Saturdays.  Who doesn’t love a month with five full weekends?  Especially when this one is a three day weekend (at least for Canadians).

Which is why October 2010 is the perfect month to launch Ruby Skye P.I.

But when?  When in October?

Glad you asked because now it can be told: Ruby Skye P.I. launches on October 25, 2010.

The twenty-fifth!?  Do you know how far away that it is?

Seventeen days.

I know.  It’s a long time to wait.  But the time is going to fly by, I promise.  And we have tons of things in store for you over the month to keep you entertained and happy.

The first is a new video made by our good friend Jennifer Liao of Believerville Productions.  It’s full of advice for young and aspiring actors from the three of the actors in Ruby Skye P.I.: Ali Adatia, Kirklynne Garrett and Ryan Egan.

Teaser Credits

8 Sep

Ruby Skye P.I. and The Case of the Missing Brownies

Marlee teaserHailey Skye: Marlee Maslove

Written by: Jill Golick

Directed by: Kelly Harms

Director of Photography: Alex Decav

Sound: Sean Van Delft

Assistant Director: Kerry Young

Editor: Jennifer Essex-Chew

Assistant Editor: Ben Manthorpe
Alex and Kelly Shooting the Teaser
Music by: StudioCat

Production Assistant: Illia Svirsky

Produced by: Kerry Young

Executive Producers: Karen Walton, Steven Golick, Jill Golick

Read My Sister’s Report Card

Ruby's Report Card page 1Written by Scott Albert and Julie Strassman-Cohn & Jill Golick

Report Card provided by The Dragon Academy

Big Day at the Big Chill

1 Sep

Crew and some cast of Ruby Skye P.I.To quote Sean Van Delft, “we have a big day”. It’s big in so many ways. We’ve been really looking forward to shooting at The Big Chill, the ice cream parlour at the corner of College and Manning. It is a beautiful location. The scenes are very important ones in the story (aren’t they all?) and very funny. We’re going to have lots of extras and many guests… not to mention ice cream from the Big Chill which everyone on the crew is looking forward to.

There are other things that make this day special. It is really our last big day of shooting. We have three days left including today, but by Thursday and Friday we’ll be shooting just smaller scenes. We won’t be working with such a big crew, we won’t have as many cast around.  So in some ways, today is the beginning of the end.

That is really sad.  It’s safe to say that everyone is having a great time.  Several members of the crew have mentioned to me how much they’ve enjoyed being on the project.  We’ve been a great team.  We get along, we work well together and we have been pretty low on the stress scale even on heat wave days like the last two.  All in all it has been a very happy set and when I call this the best crew on the planet, it is not an exaggeration at all.

Talking Writing at the Read-Through

30 Aug

Julie Strassman-Cohn and Jill Golick, co-writers of the first Ruby Skye P.I. mystery The Spam Scam, talk about the role of the read-through in the scripting process.

About the Teaser

27 Aug

Hailey proclaims her innocenceOur first teaser, Ruby Skye P.I. and the Case of the Missing Brownies, was released today at noon Eastern.  It gives you a little insight into Ruby’s personality from her sister, Hailey’s point of view.  The accompanying website, Read My Sister’s Report Card, provides a peak into how her teacher’s see Ruby and what she’s like at school.

We wrote and shot the teaser before we had even cast Madison Cheeatow as Ruby.  But we did have her sister, Hailey, played by Marlee Maslove.  Hailey has a web series called Hailey Hacks, but until now, viewers and fans had no idea that she has a sister… or that they fight like cats and dogs.

The stormy sister relationship is an important part of The Spam Scam, the Ruby Skye P.I. mystery we are shooting now.

The report card was largely written by our wonderful friend Scott Albert of Gopher X, a.k.a Captain Euchre.  Not only does Scott write, produce and star in Tights and Fights, he doubles as our go-to-guy for a great joke for any situation.  He came up with most of the gags on Ruby’s report card.  We did a quick in house pass to “Rub-ify” the very funny material he sent us and then we assigned grades.

Props to our amazing and forward-thinking sponsor, The Dragon Academy, for providing the report card template.  The teacher’s names on Ruby’s report are NOT those of real teachers at The Dragon, but Dr. Meg Fox is indeed the principal.

More on the making of Ruby Skye P.I. and the Case of the Missing Brownies next week.  Over the weekend, be sure to bake up a batch of Ruby’s Roasted Marshmallow Brownies.

Read Thru Day

9 Aug

Big day to start a big week!

But urgh! my printer isn’t working so I have to run out right now on the way to the read thru and get some parts for it.

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