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Friends of Ruby Skye P.I.

22 Oct

Most of the official @RubySkyePI tweeting has been done by the phenomenal Dorice Tepley with support from Kerry, Karen and I.  All of us have felt amazing support from the Twitter community.  Today being Follow Friday, we want to say thanks to some of our wonderful Twitter fans.  You’ve made these last weeks and months so much easier!

Angus Swantee: @angusswantee; Judith Klassen: @judecast; Ruffus The Dog: @ruffusthedog; Canadian Film Centre: @cfccreates: Nora, Dan, Carma: @sparkcbc; Suzi Shelton: @SuziShelton; Margot Leblanc: @margotleblanc; Stephanie Law: @sphinxmagic; Caroline Godin: @carolinegodin; Billi Dee Knight: @billiknight; Jenn Schachter: @jennschac;
Emily Schooley: @the_emi;
Richard Baldwin: @songteller;
Sharon: @creehawk;
Kelly Lynne Ashton: @klashton27;
Nathan Estabrooks: @skoorbatse;
Ian Yorski: @IanYorski;
Suzanne Keppler: @srk_to;
GopherX.net: @GopherXdotnet;
Bianca Filoteo: @biancafiloteo;
Henrietta Walmark: @ettagirl;
Emme Rogers: @EmmeRogers;
Garner Haines; @garnerhaines; Chubby Kay: @ChubbyKay; Jesse Abundis: @jessenovels; Christopher Bolton: @billybuck; Elize Morgan: @elizemorgan; Jennica Harper: @jennicaharper; Micah J. Reid: @mjreid;  KrysstaKM: @KrysstaKM; Lindsay Stewart: @lindsaymstewart;Marilyn Thomas: @MonkeyMarilyn; Robbo Mills: @RobboMills; Scott Albert: @ScottAlbert; Brandon Laraby: @BCLaraby; The Shorts Report: @shortsreport; Andrew Williamson: @OffIslandFilms; Shawnee Rockett: @ShawneeRockett; David Clive: @_creeboy; Mary Henricksen: @garryoakgirl; Stitch Media: @stitchmedia; Shawn Rockett: @ShawnRockett; Shaw Rocket Fund: @RocketFund; Erica Landrock: @ericalandrock; Lucia Mancuso: @lulula; Jessica Frey: @WGCFrey; Courtney Wolfson: @CourtneyWord; Laura Brodie: @laubrodie; Ross McKie: @rossmckie; Fraser Mills: @filmarmy; Katherine Fletcher: @kathfletcher; Michael Dolan: @EvilPRGuy; Shane Lindley: @ImaginaryEric; Gail Renard: @GailRenard; Liz Hover: @LizHover; Chris Bucci: @cbucci_bookman; Will Dixon: @wcdixon


Marlee Maslove Plays Ruby’s Sister Hailey

21 Oct

Marlee umbrella laughingMarlee Maslove is no stranger to web series — or to playing Hailey.  Over the last two years, she’s shot ten episodes of Hailey Hacks, a web series that shows you cool things to do with your computer.

Marlee has spent a lot of time on stage. For the last four years, she has been a member of the Randolph Young Company.   Not only was she in musical theatre five productions with RYC, each show ran for more than a dozen performances, Hailey at mailboxwhich adds up to a lot of stage time.

She’s also been a featured extra in two TV series: Blue Murder and Metropia.

Marlee is 13 years old and is in grade 8 at an alternative school in downtown Toronto.

Kevin Gutierrez Plays Ruby’s BFF

21 Oct

Kevin Gutierrez plays Griffin Lane, Ruby Skye’s best friend.  Kevin didn’t have a great deal of acting experience when he joined the project.  He had done some modelling and had been on stage in some school and camp productions.

Kevin is a tremendous athlete.  He plays rep soccer and select hockey.  He also plays basketball, snowboards, skis, bikes and  rides horses.  He’s also a mystifying magician!

He’ll be 15 years old in just a few days and goes to high school in York Region.

Lucky Number Three!!

19 Oct

Aidan CheeatowIt’s getting exciting.  Only six more sleeps until launch.  But around here, the fun never stops.  So we have something new for you to look at today: a brand new teaser entitled Life on the Set.

One of the things that makes this teaser especially awesome is that the director is Aidan Cheeatow.  Aidan is 14 and a film major at Claude Watson School for the Arts.  He is also the brother of Madison Cheeatow, who plays Ruby Skye.

When we heard that Madison’s brother was a young filmmaker, we invited him to set, gave him a camera and full access to cast and crew and forced him to make a little film.

Here it is.  We think it’s great.

Becoming Ruby

18 Oct

Madison Cheeatow as Ruby SkyeHow did Madison Cheeatow get the part as Ruby Skye?

She auditioned for the part along with about 25 other girls.

Far more 14 to 20 year old girls sent in resumes and in head shots when they heard we were casting. Some – including Madison and Elena Gorgevska who plays Diana –  were submitted by their agents.  Others saw our casting call at their local drama club, on Craig’s list or one of the casting sites like Mandy or Casting Workbook.

There were a lot of emails and lots of photos to look at and resumes to read.  When we were picking who to audition, we chose girls with some experience.  It didn’t have to be professional.  Training is good too – kids who’d taking acting classes or improv or who had been in school plays.Griffin and Ruby walking

Madison had done been in plays at school and at a community theatre.  She’s also done some modeling.

Her audition was terrific.  We could tell that she really understood Ruby.  She seemed very natural.

We watched the audition videos over a few times and knew she was Ruby Skye.  We called her agent and offered Madison the part.

Madison in a crowdEvery day when we look at her performance as we edit the chapters of The Spam Scam we know we made the right choice.

You’re going to like her too when you see her in Chapter 1: Animal Farm on Monday October 25.

Coming Soon!

17 Oct

Ruby look8 days until we launch Ruby Skye P.I.: The Spam Scam.

On Monday October 25, 2010 you’ll be able to watch Chapter 1: Animal Farm. We’ll release two video chapters each week for six weeks.

Like the chapters in a book, each chapter in The Spam Scam is a different length. Some are longer, some are shorter.

Goofy RubyBesides the video, they’ll be tons more fun on rubyskyepi.com. Pretty soon our new website will be up with tons more pictures and backstage information, plus Ruby’s blog, her latest theories and more.

8 days till Chapter 1, but lots of action between now and then. So keep tuned to this space.

Meet Ruby Skye

13 Oct

It’s Teaser 2: Meet Ruby Skye.

Living in a Post World

30 Sep

Ruby Skye P.I. October 2010Post has a totally different rhythm than production and development.  Development is dreams and possibility.  Production is adrenaline and sociability.  You go into post-production exhausted.  Your new best friends  — the crew — scatter to the four winds and you’re left with only your new family — the core creative team.  In our case, that’s Kelly, Kerry and me, with Dorice and Karen working the social media angle and Steven as our adviser and cheerleader, always making sure we stay on course.

But even Kelly, Kerry and I don’t have the intense collaboration we did at earlier stages.  We aren’t spending hours together on a daily basis.  We confer on everything still and scheme and plan, but it’s hard not to miss the intensity and constant contact that was there during production.

Although, had we continued at the pace, we’d all be in hospital — though hopefully in the same ward because once you hit post, it’s hard to talk to anyone who’s not on your team.  You forget that there is a world beyond the world you’re creating and no long have anything to say to people who aren’t immersed in it.

But post has it’s own moments of excitement.  Seeing a cut of an episode for the first time.  Approving final web site designs.  Visiting the gorgeous post production audio facility that is Post City Sound and then finding out that they share your excitement for the project and are going to bring their expertise, passion and talent to your baby.

This is not the post-production cycle we’re used to in film and television.  Because we are looking ahead to rolling out the finished product which is not just the videos that tell the story of The Spam Scam.  There is also a ton of web content to create or edit, schedules to plan and an intense social media campaign to create.

In some ways, post is turning out to be a very internal time.  We are still creating and cooking, but without the rush and flurry of production.  But soon, very soon, we’ll get loud again.

Kicking and Screaming

17 Sep

Ruby at treeI am leaving my baby. Not for long and in the hands of my fellow parents… but still.

It’s very hard to go.

I’m off to Ireland for a week in my capacity as President of Writers Guild of Canada to attend the International Affiliation of Writers Guilds. Never mind that it’s far away, it’s also going to be a fabulously engaging week that will absorb all my time and energy. Maybe I’ll have an hour or two late at night and early in the morning to think about Ruby Skye P.I., but it can’t be my focus while I’m away.Ruby behind tree

Kerry, Kelly, Karen, Dorice, the editing team and others will still be crazy busy with post production, website design and the endless activity that is promotion.  I love what we’re doing so it’s hard to go.

On the other hand, I know Kelly wants some time to work with the editors before I start looking at cuts.  This was very hard for me to agree to.  I trust Kelly completely and I want the full force of his creativity on the project.  But I also very badly want to see the episodes coming together. Being on another continent with the distraction of writers from around the world makes waiting a little easier.  When I get back, I can be fresh eyes on the cuts.

I don’t want to go!  Let me into the edit suite.

Sorry.  I do want to go.  But I also want to see the cuts soon soon soon.

Detective at WorkThe other massively exciting thing that’s going on is that The Blog Studio is presenting designs of website pages.  These at least I can work on and be part of wherever I am.  I am torn because I would love to post some of the designs for you to see, but I also want to surprise you with the finished project.  I can tell you, that they’re coming along nicely.  I can’t wait to get hold of the site and start filling it with content.

But wait I will, at least till I get back from Ireland.  I’ll be reporting on the IAWG over on my blog, Running With My Eyes Closed and the rest of the team will be reporting on Ruby Skye P.I. to you — and me — right here.

Ruby Skye P.I. Doll

16 Sep

crocheted Ruby Skye P.I. doll by Micah ReidThe wonderful Micah J. Reid (newly married to the lovely Lisa Blackshaw) crocheted this Ruby Skye P.I. doll for us.

The doll  is beautiful and as a knitter, might I add that the stitch work is perfect.

Crochet Ruby is wearing a green hoodie, a tank, blue jeans and white sneakers.  She has her hair piled on top of her head.  And she has big eyes, just like the real Ruby.

We love her.back view Ruby doll by MJ Reid

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