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TORONTO, CANADA – (originally published August 23, 2010/republished August 31, 2010) “There was something about Madison Cheeatow”, enthuses Ruby Skye P.I. creator, Jill Golick. While over twenty local Toronto teens were chosen to audition for the title role of Ruby Skye P.I., only one truly dazzled the executive producer, co-writer and creator of Canada’s only digital detective series for Tweens.

The young Toronto-based actress who won the role as rambunctious digital teen detective Ruby Skye is just about to wrap shooting on a 15 day-schedule over 3 weeks, on location in the GTA. The first in the Ruby Skye P.I. mysteries, The Spam Scam, is helmed by film director Kelly Harms and produced by fellow Canadian Film Centre alum, Kerry Young & executive produced by Karen Walton with Golick, completes shooting in downtown Toronto on September 2nd.

“Madison Cheeatow was our first choice for the lead role”, says Golick, “Lucky for us she said yes.”  Playing the starring role in any series is challenging, but engaging young digital-content audiences with a teen performer they’d enjoy and relate to requires a very special combination of skills and talents. “Madison brings charm and vulnerability to the character of Ruby’s lovable stubborn streak. We knew the right performer had to appear in virtually every scene and had to master a lot of dialogue. We needed a consummate professional at an age where many young actors are just finding their footing.  Madison is perfect! She’s always cheerful, focussed and her performance – as  we all expected – is absolutely thrilling.”

Golick is equally excited about Cheeatow’s diverse local supporting cast. Thirteen year-old fellow Torontonian Marlee Maslove – featured as Ruby’s web-savy kid sister – reprises and expands her role as an established internet performer, the beguiling Hailey Skye.  Aka “Hailey Hacks”, Maslove already enjoys her own info-web series as a young advisor to kids and parents alike, who offers advice on everything from protecting your privacy on the internet, to tips on how to avenge your big sister’s real and imagined travesties.  Maslove divides her performance time between the web and the local musical stage, appearing in productions of Schoolhouse Rock, Really Rosie, Free to Be You and Me, and Joseph and the AmazingTechnicolor Dreamcoat.

Rounding out Ruby Skye P.I.‘s bright, funny and fresh key roles for kids is Ruby’s gamer-BF Griffin Lane, played by teen soccer player Kevin Gutierrez, who makes his acting debut in the series on weekdays while playing up to three soccer matches on weekends. Consummate nasty-girl-character Diana is played by the most experienced teen performer, Elena Gorgevska – who is well on her way in her acting career; already having appearing in short films, a made-for-television movie and a feature film. Usually cast as a ‘sweet little sister’ or the ‘girl next door’, playing a ‘mean girl’ is a delightful departure for Elena, professionally and in real life! The show also features a diverse array of cameos, walk-ons and background performers culled from the families and friends of the cast, crew and creator.

The hilarious adult cast includes Nawa Nicole Simon (best known to Canadians as the newly-arrived wife in the deeply moving Olympics’ Tim Horton’s ads), Ali Adatia (appearing in Night Vision, The Apostles, and Flashpoint), and stage/television/film actor Ryan Egan – whose New York roommate was once none other than Matthew Morrison — better known as GLEE’s own Mr. Shu.

RUBY SKYE P.I. is a digital detective series for Tweens aimed at kids ages 8 through 14, and is one element of an impressive cross-platform project intended to entertain, engage and educate kids online around the world.  RUBY SKYE, P.I. is the brain-child of Canada’s pioneering transmedia creator, Story2.OH’s Jill Golick (HAILEY HACKS, CRUSHING IT, BOYMEETSGRRL) and represents a dazzling collaboration of local community, corporate, and creative partners — all keen to see Canadian talent lead the way in excellent online content for young people.

The first RUBY SKYE P.I. mystery began principal photography at The Dragon Academy and on location around Toronto August 16th, and is one of nine digital web series projects selected for investment by the highly-competitive Canadian Independent Production Fund’s new web series program.  RUBY SKYE P.I. continues to seek local, national and international partners to fully realize its exciting vision.  Interested potential sponsors can contact Jill Golick at 416-414-8539, or email

For more information on RUBY SKYE P.I.:

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