Hailey Hacks

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Hailey Skye’s life is nearly perfect.  She is smart, happy and popular.  She’s also a genius when it comes to computers.  The only real problem in Hailey’s life is her sister, Ruby, who can’t keep her nose out of other people’s business.  And even that, Hailey could live with, if only Ruby didn’t keep dragging her into the middle of one of her mysteries and totally messing up Hailey’s otherwise orderly world.

Besides being the smarter Skye sister, Hailey has her own web series, Hailey Hacks about cool things you can do with your computer.

Learn to customize a Google Map, make your own lolcats, set your Facebook privacy settings to stun, pull a really funny April Fools prank or how to set up an Amazon wishlist. Check out all the Hailey Hacks videos:

Hailey Skye is played by Marlee Maslove.Marlee plays Hailey


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