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Starting Monday

22 Oct

Starving stuffed animals!
A brand new comedy detective series!

Ruby Skye P.I.
The Spam Scam

12 great video chapters.
Mondays and Thursdays.
Curtain goes up Monday October 25
@ noon Eastern.

Can 15 year old Ruby Skye figure who is running the email scam and get her wacky neighbor’s money back? Maybe, but she’s going to lose a lot of friends along the way!

Ruby Skye P.I. avatar


Ruby’s Pogo

20 Oct

Ruby Skye P.I. and her PogoA camera is an essential component of a digital detective’s toolkit and Ruby Skye depends on her camera a lot.

She puts the photos she takes up on her evidence board, so she prints out a lot of her photos. Sometimes, she needs a photo immediately, that’s why she carries a Polaroid Pogo with a built-in printer. It shoots digital pictures that she can upload to Flickr or her Facebook feed, but it spits out hard evidence of what she’s observed, no matter where Ruby is.

PolaroidPolaroid supplied us with the Pogo that Ruby carries with her and uses to take all her photos.  On set, everyone who touched the Pogo fell in love with it.  There is something really fun about watching the Polaroid picture slide out of the side of the camera. And it doesn’t hurt that once printed, you can peel off the backing and the picture becomes a sticker.

Hailey’s Anti-Water Bottle Campaign

15 Oct

Hailey and her petitionIn The Spam Scam, Hailey Skye carries around a petition asking City Hall to ban plastic water bottles. She asks everyone she meets to sign it.

Here’s what Hailey’s petition says:

We the undersigned believe that water is a human right and urge City Hall to ban bottled water for the following reasons:

Bottled water makes people think that tap water isn’t safe;

Bottling, manufacturing and transporting bottled water wastes massive amounts of fossil fuel.

Bottled water wastes public water that citizens need. It takes three to five litres of water to manufacture a one litre plastic bottle of water. Water shortages have been reported in the Great Lakes region near water bottling plants.

Bottled water creates huge garbage and recycling problems.

Therefore, we ask City Hall to disposable plastic water bottles so future generations can enjoy a clean environment. We hope you understand the gravity of the situation and will support our noble cause. Down with plastic!

When we launch our website, we’ll have an online petition for you to sign if you support Hailey’s cause.

Skye SistersWe’ll also be running the Skye Sisters Tap Water Campaign. You can join Ruby and Hailey in their fight to end plastic water bottle pollution by pledging to stop drinking from disposable bottles.

We’ll have lots more information about water, water bottle pollution and what you can do right here on when the series launches on October 25th 2010.

For now, why not go’s petition for an international treaty to provide clean water everywhere.  You can sign the petition right here!

Twisted Lips

11 Oct

On set, whenever one of our young actors flubbed a line, our director Kelly Harms made them recite a few of the tongue twisters from his collection to loosen up their tongues. He thinks tongue twisters are a good way to get rid of marble mouth. So next time you’re about to audition, give a presentation or sing in front of a crowd, try a couple of these out to loosen up your lips.

A proper copper coffee pot.

She sells seashells by the seashore.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

A box of biscuits. A box of mixed biscuits and A biscuit mixer.

Around the rugged rocks the ragged rascals ran.

Now say them each five times fast.

Pheonix or the Cuckoo

2 Oct

Our good friends at Tights and Fights, who’ve also benefited from support from the Independent Production Fund, just released their trailer:

Hilarious!  Can’t wait to see more.

BTW Captain Euchre from Tights and Fights makes a guest appearance in one of the Ruby Skye P.I. episodes.  Watch for him.

Ruby Skye P.I. Doll

16 Sep

crocheted Ruby Skye P.I. doll by Micah ReidThe wonderful Micah J. Reid (newly married to the lovely Lisa Blackshaw) crocheted this Ruby Skye P.I. doll for us.

The doll  is beautiful and as a knitter, might I add that the stitch work is perfect.

Crochet Ruby is wearing a green hoodie, a tank, blue jeans and white sneakers.  She has her hair piled on top of her head.  And she has big eyes, just like the real Ruby.

We love her.back view Ruby doll by MJ Reid


9 Sep

Jude Klassen Jill GolickDid I happen to mention that Jude Klassen and Lindsay Stewart came by last week during shooting to record a Judecast with the Ruby Skye P.I. team. We had a ton of fun with her.

Jude does great hat.

Talking Transmedia with Rob Mills

2 Sep

RobboMills is a web creator and friend.  He was on set for a couple of days while his son Henry was playing a student at The Dragon Academy in Ruby Skye P.I.  While he was there Mark Achterberg shot a little film of us talking about Rob’s latest project, Rufus the Dog, transmedia and more.

Twitter Taglines

17 Aug

The first of our behind the scenes videos, this one from the camera of the wonderful Jennifer Liao of Believerville Productions.


10 Aug

Wo0t! Brandon Laraby covered the Ruby Skye P.I. Producers Tweet Meet in his blog, A Tale of a Boy and his TV Show.

If you’d like to get a taste of what it’s like to get a real-deal professional Canadian webseries up and off the ground, super-cool folks (and friends) Karen Walton (@inkcanada) and WGC prez Jill Golick (@Jill380) are holding their production meetings online and interactive on Twitter every Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm ’till 5:30pm EST under the moniker @rubyskyepi.

We may change those times slightly, since we do have a production meeting during the tweet up on Thursday, but it is very cool to get covered by the blogosphere. Thanks Brandon!!

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