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Marlee Maslove Plays Ruby’s Sister Hailey

21 Oct

Marlee umbrella laughingMarlee Maslove is no stranger to web series — or to playing Hailey.  Over the last two years, she’s shot ten episodes of Hailey Hacks, a web series that shows you cool things to do with your computer.

Marlee has spent a lot of time on stage. For the last four years, she has been a member of the Randolph Young Company.   Not only was she in musical theatre five productions with RYC, each show ran for more than a dozen performances, Hailey at mailboxwhich adds up to a lot of stage time.

She’s also been a featured extra in two TV series: Blue Murder and Metropia.

Marlee is 13 years old and is in grade 8 at an alternative school in downtown Toronto.


Kevin Gutierrez Plays Ruby’s BFF

21 Oct

Kevin Gutierrez plays Griffin Lane, Ruby Skye’s best friend.  Kevin didn’t have a great deal of acting experience when he joined the project.  He had done some modelling and had been on stage in some school and camp productions.

Kevin is a tremendous athlete.  He plays rep soccer and select hockey.  He also plays basketball, snowboards, skis, bikes and  rides horses.  He’s also a mystifying magician!

He’ll be 15 years old in just a few days and goes to high school in York Region.

Elena Gorgevska Plays the Mean Girl

19 Oct

Elena GorgevskaElena Gorgevska has quite a bit of experience in front of the camera.

She’s been in short films, a TV movie and a feature. She’s been on sets much more than most of the other kids in Ruby Skye P.I. But she’s never played the part of a mean girl before!

Nasty Diana NoughtonElena plays Diana Noughton, who is very very mean to Ruby for highly mysterious reasons. In real life, Elena is sweet and nice. But on screen, she’s very nasty as Diana… which shows you what a good actress she is.

Becoming Ruby

18 Oct

Madison Cheeatow as Ruby SkyeHow did Madison Cheeatow get the part as Ruby Skye?

She auditioned for the part along with about 25 other girls.

Far more 14 to 20 year old girls sent in resumes and in head shots when they heard we were casting. Some – including Madison and Elena Gorgevska who plays Diana –  were submitted by their agents.  Others saw our casting call at their local drama club, on Craig’s list or one of the casting sites like Mandy or Casting Workbook.

There were a lot of emails and lots of photos to look at and resumes to read.  When we were picking who to audition, we chose girls with some experience.  It didn’t have to be professional.  Training is good too – kids who’d taking acting classes or improv or who had been in school plays.Griffin and Ruby walking

Madison had done been in plays at school and at a community theatre.  She’s also done some modeling.

Her audition was terrific.  We could tell that she really understood Ruby.  She seemed very natural.

We watched the audition videos over a few times and knew she was Ruby Skye.  We called her agent and offered Madison the part.

Madison in a crowdEvery day when we look at her performance as we edit the chapters of The Spam Scam we know we made the right choice.

You’re going to like her too when you see her in Chapter 1: Animal Farm on Monday October 25.

Hello Ruby

13 Oct

Ruby Skye shines a lightRuby Skye sees mystery wherever she looks.  And when Ruby is intrigued, watch out.  There’s no stopping her.

She’ll go through garbage, shadow a teacher, impersonate a librarian.  And if she’s really desperate, she’ll whip up a batch of her famous Roasted Marshmallow Brownies.Ruby and her Roasted Marshmallow Brownies

Ruby always has a plan.   It’s not always a good plan, but if she ends up in hot water, don’t worry.  Ruby’ll come up with a new plan.

Ruby is smart, but that doesn’t mean she does well in school  – have you read her report card?  A case can keep a girl up at night.  And who has time for homework when someone is stealing from your crazy neighbour?

Ruby Skye with bff Griffin LandeRuby’s bff is Griffin Lane.  She wishes he’d take more of an interest in her investigation.  He wishes she’d just stay out it.

Hailey wishes Ruby would stay out of her life but instead, Ruby’s little sister always get dragged into things.

Ruby’s arch enemy is Diana Noughton who hates Ruby for highly mysterious reasons.

Meet Kelly Harms

1 Sep

Another beautiful little film from Jennifer Liao of Believerville Productions. This one introduces our director Kelly Harms talking about how he got involved in the project and how he approaches directing a web series.

Talking Writing at the Read-Through

30 Aug

Julie Strassman-Cohn and Jill Golick, co-writers of the first Ruby Skye P.I. mystery The Spam Scam, talk about the role of the read-through in the scripting process.

That Was Fun

25 Aug

Best Crew on the PlanetOver lunch, we screened the teaser for Ruby Skye P.I., entitled Ruby Skye P.I. and the Case of the Missing Brownies. There was applause and laughter. Then Alex Leung got his camera and we took a photo of all of us together.

We are having a great time. Spirits are high and tension is low. We know we’re doing a dynamite job and that’s a great feeling.

Here’s the photo.

The teaser? We’ll be sharing that with you on Friday.

Kerry Young On Producing Ruby Skye P.I.

25 Aug

Our beloved producer Kerry Young is passionate, calm and incredibly efficient.  She leads us by example and we all follow adoringly.  Not only is Kerry producing Ruby Skye P.I., she’s also running the floor every day as 1st A.D.  She keeps us on time and on budget with quiet authority and plenty of praise.  In a word, Kerry is wonderful.

Executive Producer Karen Walton

17 Aug

From the camera of Ms Can-Do Jennifer Liao of Believerville Productions this terrific little film about our fearless leader, Karen Walton.

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