Writer Julie Strassman-Cohn

Julie & Jill Read ThruJulie started her career in Los Angeles as head of development for Triggerfish Productions.  In that capacity she worked with the writer and developed the script for “Throw Momma From The Train,” a major motion picture that starred Billy Crystal and Danny Devito.

Julie wrote a spec script for an original sit-com and it immediately garnered interest by an agent at William Morris.   Julie was signed as a client and got her first staff job on ABC’s top ten show, “Full House,” as story editor/writer.

From there, she made what looked like a pretty dumb move for a tv writer… she came to Canada to work with a friend on “Dog House,” a sit-com for YTV and the USA Network.  While it may not have been a great business move, she did meet her future husband and has lived in Toronto ever since.

Julie has been one of Canada’s top writers of children’s television for almost twenty years.  She was story editor of Sesame Park (Canada’s Sesame Street) the year it won the Gemini Award for Best Children’s Program.

Her list of Story Editor/Writer credits include: Full House, Sophie, Metropia, Just Jamie, The Adventures of Babar, Boogies Diner and Groundling Marsh.  She also wrote for Sophie, The Saddle Club, I Love Mummy, Zaboomafoo, Paradise Falls, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, Anthony Ant, The Mighty Jungle and Canadian Geographic Kids to name a few.  Julie also worked with Nelvana in developing Tedd Arnold’s book “Green Wilma” and Jane Seymour’s book “This One and That One” for television.


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