Executive Producer Karen Walton

Karen Read thruMultiple award-winning film & television writer Karen Walton is best known for her original screenplay for the 2000 Canadian cult horror hit, GINGER SNAPS. In addition to executive story editing & guest-writing on a variety of Canadian & US primetime television series, Karen has also worked as a writer for hire in the Hollywood studio system, and sold her original co- write of Brad Peyton’s pending BILLY GRIMM to Sony Columbia. Long hours in front of her computer soon enabled a nasty internet habit and, after convincing indie directors & producers they really would use an email account some day, developed a growing fascination for the web’s potential as a community-builder, educator and shiny new entertainment device which seemed mysteriously ignored by her traditional sectors. In 2007, she got good and sick of that and founded the then-highly unusual online collective, ‘ink canada – canadian screenwriters & their sketchy friends’ Facebook Group, which became the default news broker for foreign members of the Writers Guild of America during the 2008 strike. Now a very healthy & high- spirited interactive creative community, ink is built on the idea that not sharing wisdom, insight & information is stupid. Now well over 1400 members strong, ink has spawned its own mentorship movement and pub crawls all over Canada and sometimes in LA. A staff member & Feature Film Project Mentor at the prestigious Canadian Film Centre, Karen teaches creators how to not suck at business and sometimes she takes her own advice. She is the particularly proud recipient of a Gemini, a TIFF Special Jury Citation, a Canadian Comedy Award, and from the Writers Guild of Canada – The Writers Block Award & The Sondra Kelly Memorial Award. She is also incessantly boastful. On paper. Sorry. Grin.


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