RUBY SKYE P.I. is Canada’s first series of transmedia detective mysteries made especially for tweens; a comical, cliff-hanger-riddled romp designed to engage young audiences growing up in the digital generation. Unable to resist a good mystery, – and finding them around every corner in her big city world -, fifteen year-old would-be detective Ruby Skye spends every waking hour madly pursuing all sorts of peculiar clues her eccentric collection of friends and neighbors inspire… whether they want her help or not.  Stubborn yet smart, a crack student sleuth yet vulnerable to chasing her most misguided assumptions, Ruby makes a lot of hilariously unfortunate choices in her unique pursuit of truth, justice and well — personal curiosity.

Ruby Skye P.I. is the brainchild of digital pioneer Jill Golick, and is produced by the powerhouse team of Karen Walton, Steven Golick, Kerry Young and Golick under the flag of her company, Story2.OH. Ruby Skye P.I.’s first 12-part mystery, The Spam Scam (written by Golick and Julie Strassman-Cohn and directed by Kelly Harms), is currently shooting on location in Toronto, Ontario.

Meet the Cast and Crew of Ruby Skye P.I.

Ruby’s First Mystery: The Spam Scam which will be released in twelve video chapters beginning in October 2010.


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